Ben Ashdale is one of the main protagonists of Desperate Schoolboys, and thus his family is central to the series and its stories.


Family MembersEdit

Immediate FamilyEdit

  • Ben Ashdale - A repressed and obsessive schoolboy who has a bad relationship with his parents.
  • Liz Taylor - Ben's crush for the first two seasons, they finally start dating in season three, however, Ben's ex refuses to give up on him. They wed in season five.

Extended FamilyEdit

  • Lydia Ashdale - The rude, self-absorbed, cold mother of Ben, and wife of Walter. In season three, Lydia learns that she is expecting another child. Ben helps her give birth to the baby girl in the third season finale.
  • Walter Ashdale - The less uptight and less demanding father of Ben, and husband of Lydia. Walter is thrilled to learn he will be expecting another child.
  • Ana Ashdale - The new born daughter of Lydia and Walter, and the little sister of Ben.
  • Leonardo Ashdale - The deceased father of Walter, grandfather of Ben and his new born sister, and the father-in-law of Lydia. Leonardo tells Ben to live life to the fullest, right before he dies in the second episode.
  • Amanda Taylor - Liz's mother, who didn't think Nick was the right guy.
  • Jack Taylor - Liz's father, who walked out when she was four, but was reunited with her by Ben in season five.


  • Emma Swift - Ben's girlfriend throughout the second season. Ben and Emma fall for one another after they first meet, but Ben leaves her for Liz in the season two finale. Throughout season three, Emma refuses to give up on Ben, but after Ben accidentally knocks Emma off the dock, Emma disappears and is yet to be found.
  • Nick Williams - Liz's evil ex-boyfriend. Nick tries to get Liz to go out with him during season one. The two date for a while during season two, but once Liz realizes Nick is crazy, she attempts to break up with him. After Liz stops taking her pills, she accidentally knocks him over a roof top, killing him.
  • William Swift - Emma's sycophantic father.