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Bob Miller
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Bob Miller
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Joanna Manning - Ex-Wife
Josh Miller - Son
Andrew Robinson - Biological Son
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Bob Miller is one of the recurring characters of Desperate Schoolboys. Although at first Bob is shown to be concerned with his son's lewd behavior around women, worrying that he might not ever truly be happy if he doesn't embrace a more monogamous lifestyle, he doesn't realize that Josh is actually a homosexual playing a role. When Bob finally learns the truth, he is unable to accept it, and kicks his own child out of their house. Eventually, when Bob learns that Josh has been staying with another son of his, Bob takes them both back, and tries his hardest to come to terms with Josh's sexuality.


Season 1Edit

You are not my son.

Bob pushes his on, Josh to be popular and score with the girls. ("Pilot")/"(Papa Said")

He is close to his son, they have a stong bond and often spend their nights together. ("Partners in Crime")

Josh is arrested for the murder of Rudolfo. ("Domination") Bob protests that this can't be true but Justine tells him that he was obsessed with her so killed her husband. However Josh comes clean that he is gay and it is discovered that Justine is the true killer. Bob throws Josh out on the streets as he can't accept him for being gay. ("The Truth Comes Out, Part 1")/("The Truth Comes Out, Part 2")