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Cassidy Clark
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It's an origami swan. It's a symbol of loyalty. You give it to someone you care about to show you will always care for them.

Cassidy Clark is one of the minor characters of Desperate Schoolboys. After moving to the town of Wiksteria, Cassidy's life doesn't go exactly the way she had in mind from the moment she moved to town and witnessed to the abuse Eloise Gale endured from her family to the murder of her son.


Early Life

James always said what a great mother you were.
Ben Ashdale

Cassidy moves to the town of Wiksteria with her husband and son. Cassidy meets Justine Abelho and Eloise Gale who welcome her and James to the town. Cassidy tells James that Eloise brought her son, Fraser to introduce to the latter. Eloise has Cassidy and James over for dinner where they watch as Fraser and Thomas take advantage of the poor woman. Eloise asks where Mr. Clark is, and Cassidy tells her that he spends a lot of time at work now a days. Fraser interrupts Cassidy so he can make fun of his grandfather for being physically incapable of doing more than moving a few fingers. This leaves the Clark's uncomfortable rest of the evening. ("Revelations")

Cassidy is putting out programs for James' funeral when Ben arrives, offering a helping hand. As the two fold programs, Cassidy thanks Ben for helping her during this rough time. She gives her son's friend an origami swan as it is a symbol of loyalty. Ben thanks the woman and asks if she could show him how to make one. Cassidy starts folding the paper and Ben tells her how James always said he had a great mother. Cassidy begins to tear and grasps Ben's hand. ("Who You Really Are, Part 2")