The following is a portal linking to the userpages of the reigning Administrators of the Desperate Schoolboys Wiki. Below them is a template featuring all of the users that have held administrative powers on the wiki, both current and retired.


The portal below indicates the administrators of the Desperate Schoolboys Wiki.

Ben Portal
Joe Portal
Renato Portal

Name Date Admined Position Status
Villain fan November 17, 2012 Wiki Founder/Bureaucrat Active
Jdg98 November 17, 2012 Bureaucrat Active
Renaboss April 12, 2013 Admin Active
Bree Weston Lover August 6, 2013 Admin Inactive
Emma Cassidy Lover August 11, 2013 Chat Moderator Inactive
Reginafan2626 September 4, 2013 Admin Inactive
Devious Peep October 7, 2013 Admin Inactive
BelleLover January 29, 2014 Admin Active