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Dr. Barr Reynolds is one of the recurring characters of Desperate Schoolboys. A counsellor working at the mental clinic where Joe Hadland is sent after trying to warn everyone of Dr. Sonya's sexual leanings, Dr. Reynolds fails to believe the young man's claims that his friend and similar is a pedophile. Reynolds also discloses that he once had a patient whom Joe reminds him of: none other than Liz Taylor...


Early LifeEdit

Season 2Edit

Joe is seen at Wiksteria Meadows where a nurse tells him that it's time for his session with Dr. Reynolds. Joe obliges to go, though begrudgingly, and in the sessions, Dr. Reynolds tries to get Joe to admit that the story he's concocted of Dr. Sonya being a pedophile is all in his head. Joe refuses to admit this lie. Later, he turns up early for his session and begins digging through Dr. Reynolds' files, discovering that Liz was once a patient at the clinic. ("The Search Party's Over") In therapy, Dr. Reynolds reveals to Joe that a patient of his once escaped via the basement window, giving the latter an idea. That night, Joe sneaks out of his room and goes into the basement where he attempts to climb out of the window. He succeeds, but is met outside by Dr. Reynolds, who's expecting him. He makes clear that Joe will never escape. Later, Joe is visited by Dr. Sonya, who reveals that the patient who escaped long ago was Liz. ("King of the Castle")

Joe receives a call telling him to meet the caller by the window of Dr. Reynolds' office at 7:00 P.M. Joe is confused and hangs up. That night, Joe sneaks into Reynolds' office, but the shrink catches him. Joe locks himself inside and waits for his mystery rescuer to arrive. Dr. Reynolds soon manages to break the door down as Brian arrives, he helps Joe out the window and drives him home, not agreeing with Annie's wishes and still believing the boy about Dr. Sonya. ("When God's Back is Turned") Dr. Reynolds calls Dr. Sonya, telling him that Joe escaped, much to the former's dismay. ("It Just Never Ends")