Hugo Daniels
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Hugo Daniels
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Hugo Daniels
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Betty Grapeblack - Wife
Justine Abelho - Daughter
Renato Abelho - Adoptive Grandson
Rudolfo Abelho - Son-in-Law
Edie Roswell - Ex-Fiancée
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Hugo Daniels is one of the recurring characters of Desperate Schoolboys. A cranky old man, Hugo comes into the picture when his daughter Justine is arrested on multiple charges and his grandson Rena is forced to come live with him. Hugo and Rena soon grow accostumed to being in each other's company, along with their faithful pet dog, Rocky. Hugo shows a genuine interest in bonding with Rena and trying to raise his spirits, despite constantly concealing his heart of gold behind razor-sharp quips and bitter remarks.


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Season 3Edit

Two weeks after the fire that consumed the Strange household, we learn that Mary has been living with Rena and his new family. The young woman starts to pick up on the fact that his grandfather, Hugo, seems to be forgetting things, but when she brings this up to Rena he becomes temperamental. One night, not long after, the young couple goes to bed and the distraught and amnesiac Hugo is confused over a photograph of his daughter, whom he can't recognize, and unbeknownst to him, a fire spreads in his house, stemming from the fireplace. Within a short amount of time, Rena and his loved ones are left without a place to stay. ("The Start of Something New"