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James Clark
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James Clark
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Stabbed in the stomach.
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Cassidy Clark - Mother
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Until the day I died, I led my life in an exceptionally ordinary fashion. An ordinary boy with an ordinary life and with ordinary dreams.

James Clark is one of the main characters of Desperate Schoolboys. A relatively shy young man, James serves as one of the titular characters of the series, as well as its omniscient narrator. The series is triggered by James' tragic murder by an unknown attacker, and following his death, his best friends - Ben, Joe, Josh and Rena - reunite to try and make sense of the tragedy, all the while trying to cope with their own personal woes, woes that James is more than pleased to share with us, providing us with insightful and moral commentary on the living all the while.


Early LifeEdit

James was friends with: Rena, Ben, Josh and Joe. His death was especially hard on Rena, as they had been best friends. He was also the neighbour of the lonely Nick Williams, providing as someone to talk to. ("Pilot")/("You Meddling Kids")

Ben, with Joe, when Ben asked them for directions. Ben and Joe straight away hit it off and James knew they were to be best friends. ("Worthy of Belief")

James had a relationship with Mary Strange, over the summer when on holiday. However her father found out, and killed him, then planting Liz as a patsy. ("Who You Really Are, Part 2")

He then watches over his friends, narrating their lives. ("Pilot")