Josh Miller is one of the main protagonists of Desperate Schoolboys, and thus his family is central to the series and its stories.

Family MembersEdit

Immediate FamilyEdit

  • Josh Miller - A troubled young man, formerly a player, Josh has come out of the closet as homosexual. In season two, Josh starts dating Dean Hall.
  • Joanna Manning - Josh's long lost mother who he thought was dead until the third season finale when she returns with a new husband and son.
  • Bob Miller - Josh's father who was obsessed with his son being popular and getting all the girls, but once he learns his son is gay, he has a hard time handling it.
  • Theodore Manning - Joanna's crazed husband who serves as the main mystery character for the fourth season.
  • Andrew Robinson - Bob's son who he left to be with Joanna and Josh. The troubled boy grew up and made something of himself, despite his neglectful mother, but his need for revenge against the Millers was his undoing.
  • Alex Manning - Ted's mysterious son who turns out to be a completely different person all together.

Extended FamilyEdit

  • Casey Norwood - Ted's mother.
  • Buck Norwood - Ted's father.
  • Mindy Robinson - Andrew's neglectful mother who died due to drinking.
  • Betty Porter - Alex's biological mother.


  • Dean Hall - Josh's main love interest as of the second season.
  • Adam Hall - Dean's father. A police officer who killed a violent drug gang and then planned to kill Josh when he found out.
  • Valentina Thorn - Josh's arch-nemesis who helps Andrew hold the school hostage.