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Katie Vaala
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Katie Vaala is one of the main characters of Desperate Schoolboys. Liz's best friend, sweet, innocent Katie is gradually sucked into the nonstop drama that constitutes the lives of her classmates, from developing a crush on Ben, who dates Emma and worships Liz, to being framed for attempted murder, to being almost killed in a school shootout.


Season 1Edit

Liz, please, you have to come back. We miss you.

Liz talked to Katie about her feelings for Josh. ("Worthy of Belief")

Liz left their group after Val kissed Josh. Katie came to ask Liz to come back, but Nick had urged Liz to be hostile towards her. ("All for the Best")

After the terrible fire, everyone decided to put the past behind them and Liz rejoined the group. However Val didn't like this and told everyone to choose between them. Everyone, including katie, chose Liz. ("You Meddling Kids")

It was then revealed that Katie had feelings for Ben. She began talking to him about their shared dissaproval of Liz and Nick's relationship. Ben then told Katie that he believed Nick had started the fire. Shocked by the news, Katie told Liz, however they were overheard by Nick. Nick confronted her, telling her to keep her theories to herself and that she was wasting her time with Ben because he was only using her to get close to Liz. ("Domination")

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