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Lydia Ashdale
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Lydia Ashdale is one of the recurring characters of Desperate Schoolboys. Lydia is very critical of her son Ben's behavior, deeming it to be odd and unlike what one might see in a regular teenage boy, not understanding that it is her own means of raising him that resulted in Ben being a perfectionist that still somehow lacks so much confidence. Lydia is delighted to learn that she will soon be having another child, but her existing son isn't as thrilled with the news.


Season 1Edit

He's strange. Now, everyone will know it. God, what people will think of us, having a son like that.

The Ashdales have an uncomofrtable dinner where Lydia asks Ben about his introverted manner and lack of interest in girls. She is told to stop by her husband, Walter. ("Pilot")

The Ashdales attens Leonardo's funeral, where Ben fails to say some words due to his anxiety. Walter tells him this is understandable, however Lydia is must unhappy, afraid that people will him as strange. Ben then overhears his mother expressing how dissapointed she is in him. ("Conscious Decisions")

On his father's birthday, Ben was told by Walter that all he wanted was for Ben to be the best he could be. Ben told his parents that he had failed a test, much to the dislike of Lydia, who refused to hear Ben's side. ("Papa Said")

Ben returns home to find Lyda is pregnant. She tells him that she hopes this child will turn out better than Ben did. ("The Truth Comes Out, Part 2")

Season 2Edit

The Ashdales temporairly took in Josh Miller, when his father threw him out for being gay. He eventually moved out. ("Forever Reforming")