Lying Low
March 9, 2014
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"Lying Low" is the 3rd episode of Desperate Schoolboys: Missing Pieces.


Emma Swift enters the dining hall of a homeless shelter, glancing around with a peculiar expression. She continues to stand at the door before calling over to a worker, "Excuse me, I don't have a reservation, do you have any available tables?" "Just sit anywhere, honey," the worker replies. "Thank you," Emma nods, "That's very gracious." Emma begins looking around for an empty seat, before a girl at a table sees her and comments, "You look lost." "Oh, I'm just looking for a place to sit," Emma replies. "I meant that you look like you wandered in here by mistake, but you can sit here," the girl says, pointing to an empty seat in front of her. Emma thanks her and then sits down. "First time in here?" the girls asks. Emma nods, "Yes. My ex asked me all the time to come and volunteer here with him... I never did... but I think I can fit in here fine." The girl looks at the confidently-smiling Emma, and smiles back at her ignorance, "I'm sure you will, and I can look out for you. I'm Jenny." Emma responds by saying her own name. "So how did you come to be here?" Jenny asks.
Inside Emma's head we flash to Ben accidentally pushing her into the river (see "Infinity, Part 2"). We then cut to the calm waters of downriver under the setting sun, suddenly being disrupted by ripples as someone surfaces atop the water. Emma lets out a watery cough, looking around disorientated, before dragging herself to the river bank and then collapsing to catch her breath.
"Well, I've been offered a fresh start and so I've decided to take it," Emma replies. "Sounds good," Jenny comments. "It is," Emma agrees, "It's better for everyone. I was only making someone I care about miserable... I just couldn't let go. But now that I've disappeared, I can move on, and I won't be any more trouble to him." "Well, the shelter can get you some clothes, and it's a long list for a room so you can bunk with me if you would like, my friend just moved out... no one stays here for long," Jenny offers. "Thank you very much," Emma smiles, before looking around and then wondering, "So when do they come to take your order?" Jenny looks at her, realizing she is serious and then chuckles, saying sarcastically, "Yeah... you're gonna fit in fine here."