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Matthew Hadland
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You beat up women and children, do you think you're a man?
Joe Hadland

Matthew Hadland is one of the supporting characters of Desperate Schoolboys. The estranged father of Joe Hadland, Matthew is a thief with a past of illicit behavior, whom his ex-wife Annie tried to protect their son from. However, Joe longed to bond with his father, a desire that eventually led to him being severely damaged. When Matthew showed back up again in his son's life, keen on taking back what he thought was rightfully his, the reasons for Joe's misery and anger were revealed, and Matthew ended up paying the price for his actions.


Early LifeEdit

You seem perfectly fine to me.
Joe Hadland

Joe decided to seek his father despite his mother's warnings. He met Matthew, who told Joe that he was once a terrible father and husband. He told him that Annie asked him to never see Joe, but he always wanted to. He also tells Joe that he's changed, and is no longer the low-life he was. Joe believes him and asks to see him again. ("Partners in Crime")

Joe and Matthew begin bonding, often playing football. Matthew says that he's enjoyed their time together however he fails to reply when Joe tells him that he loves him. The two then go out again soon but Joe sees a darker side to Matthew, when he corrects Matthew about taking a wrong turn, Matthew snaps at him saying he doesn't like to be corrected. Joe then returns home one day to find Matthew robbing the house, it turns out he's been waiting for the chance to get the funds that Annie had when he left. An upset Joe tells Matthew that he's still the low-life he always was. An angry Matthew then proceeds to rape him. ("Domination")

Season 1Edit

Watch your back.

Joe never tells anyone about the rape, causing it to build up as a lot of anger inside Joe. However Matthew is soon arrested for robbery and Joe goes to see him. Joe comes to him to try and reach closure. However Matthew promises him that he will be out and come for Joe. ("Papa Said")

Once Matthew leaves the prison, he goes to find Joe and Annie's house. ("You Meddling Kids")

Joe began packing, planning to run away, once he heard Matthew was out of jail. However when he returned for his map, Matthew was waiting for him, with Annie tied up. Matthew planned to kill Joe and Annie so that no one knows what he did to Joe. He also deamnds Annie to tell him where she kept their money, shooting her in the knee to urge her into telling him. Joe then stands up to Matthew, telling him what a sick and weak man he really is. Matthew fights back by trying to force himself on him once more, however he is shot by Annie. ("The Truth Comes Out, Part 1") His body is then taken away. ("The Truth Comes Out, Part 2")