Renato Abelho is one of the main protagonists of Desperate Schoolboys, and thus his family is central to the series and its stories.

Family MembersEdit

Immediate FamilyEdit

  • Renato Abelho - A brave and determined young man, Rena runs into some trouble when he learns the truth about his 'mother'.
  • Christina Belindro - Renato's biological mother who dies of cancer in season three. She gave Rena up for adoption when he was born because she already learned she had cancer, and didn't want him to see her go through it.
  • Miguel Belindro - Renato's biological father, and Christina's widower.
  • Justine Abelho - Renato's adoptive mother who adopted him to replace her own son that she accidentally killed.
  • Rudolfo Abelho - Renato's adoptive father who helps Justine cover up the murder of their son, but once getting cold feet, Justine kills him.
  • Unborn Child - Renato and Mary's unborn child that they learn they are pregnant with in the third season finale.

Extended FamilyEdit

  • Hugo Daniels - Renato's adoptive grandfather who takes him in after Justine is arrested. Hugo's mind soon starts to collapse.
  • Betty Grapeblack - Hugo's new wife.


  • Ali Sword - A girl from Renato's pass that he soon develops feelings for, however, after a fire, she passes away, soon leading to him discovering who his 'mother' really is.
  • Mary Strange - Renato's main love interest as of the second season.
  • Miss Harrison - A high school teacher who had a relationship with Rena, abusing his feelings for her by conning him out of his money.
  • Edie Roswell - Hugo's former fiancée.
  • Henry Strange - Mary's dangerously overprotective father.
  • Aurora Strange - Mary's mother that she intended to name her child after, if it was a girl.
  • Mr. Silver - Owner of the orphanage where Rena was adopted from.


  • Rocky - Rena and Hugo's dog.