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Silvia Mayfair
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Silvia Mayfair is one of the main characters of Desperate Schoolboys. A new student at Wiksteria High, Silvia is unwillingly dragged into a hot mess of a drama upon her arrival, by being held hostage by a deranged Dr. Sonya, who tries to get her newfound friend, Joe, to tell the police that he lied about his shrink being a pedophile. Silvia proves to be skilled enough to escape the situation, and is later revealed to be presumably hiding under an alias, having had many identities in the past.


Early LifeEdit

Season 2Edit

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Silvia is out for a jog when she bumps into Joe Hadland and trips over, cutting her leg. He offers to take her to his house to treat her leg and helps her there. When they arrive, the two of them are met by Dr. Sonya, an enemy of Joe's who the latter exposed as a pedophile, who pushes Silvia over and knocks Joe out, before knocking her out too and kidnapping the pair of them, as not to have any witnesses. ("A Spot of Bother") Silvia becomes tied to a chair, adjacent to Joe, who's in the same predicament, in Dr. Sonya's house, her leg now treated. Dr. Sonya soon reveals that he'd like Joe to prove his innocence. ("Who You Really Are, Part 1") Joe refuses to lie about what he saw and Dr. Sonya becomes disappointed. When the shrink is making a snack, Silvia slides her chair over to a box of matches on a table and lights a match, burning through the rope around her hands. She proceeds to untie her legs and free Joe, who knocks Dr. Sonya out with his chair, tying him up. When Sonya comes to, Joe prepares to kill him, but Silvia halts him, reminding him that it'll make him no better than Brad. Joe then tells her to call the police and she obliges, meaning Dr. Sonya is arrested. Joe and Silvia form a relationship and as she comes to visit him, a policemen stops by to ask some routine questions regarding Dr. Sonya's arrest. When he asks for her ID, Silvia flicks through many fakes ones before providing it, signifying that she is living under an alias and is hiding something. ("Who You Really Are, Part 2")

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